Gold LEAF Board of Directors(Elected at the June 29, 2016 Annual Meeting):

President: Paul Mullin

1st Vice President: Joe Terranova

2nd Vice President: Roger Collard

Secretary: Pat Stillman

Treasurer: Mark Stofan

Member-at-Large (Ombudsman): Lindy Moceus

Committee Chairs:
  • Administration & Finance: Mary Anne Collard
  • Curriculum: Susan Wahlstrom
  • Membership & Promotion:
  • Special Events: Roz Kerr
  • Strategic Planning: Myrna Vallette

Maine Senior College Network Liaison: Eileen Kreutz

Office Staff:
Office Manager/Consultant: Heidi Wilde
Office Secretaries (UMF Work Study students who work for Gold LEAF during the school year): Brianna Livingston and Ashton Harvey