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Ratified May 17, 1999
Last Revised June 7, 2007


The name of the organization shall be Gold LEAF (
Lifelong Education At Farmington) Institute for Learning in Retirement (hereinafter referred to as GLI). It is affiliated with the Elderhostel Institute Network, sponsored by the University of Maine at Farmington, operated under the terms of an Agreement between the University of Maine at Farmington and the Gold LEAF Institute.


The Gold LEAF Institute is a member run organization for lifelong learning affiliated with the University of Maine at Farmington. Its members are persons age fifty and over who
(1) seek intellectually stimulating activities to enhance knowledge and
(2) appreciate social interaction as an opportunity to build new friendships.
To achieve these goals, members emphasize peer learning as they design and implement courses, field trips, social events, discussions, workshops, speaker forums and concert/musical events.


1. Upon payment of the annual dues, membership shall be open to all individuals fifty years of age or older and to their spouses or partners regardless of their age. (Effective June 7, 2007)
2. There is no education is requirement.


The program year shall be September 1 to August 31. (Effective May 24, 2000)


1. The officers shall be President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Member at Large (Ombudsman). These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by GLI.

2. The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall serve for one-year terms, being eligible for re-election.

3. The Executive Board shall fill vacancies which occur for the remainder of the term.


1. The
President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board and shall perform other duties as are incidental to his or her office or are properly required of him or her by the Executive Board. The President shall be or shall designate the spokesperson for GLI. The President is a member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

2. The 1st
Vice-President shall exercise the authority of the President in his or her absence and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President or Executive Board.

3. The
2nd Vice-President, in the absence of the 1st Vice-President, shall exercise the authority of the President in his or her absence and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President or Executive Board.

4. The
Secretary shall
• be responsible for recording the minutes of the Annual meeting, special meetings, and Executive Board meetings
• maintain such other records as may be required by the President or the Executive Boards
• shall have charge of the correspondence
• notify members of meetings
• keep a roll of members with their addresses in coordination with the Membership & Promotion Committee
• carry out such other duties incident to the office as the President or the Executive Board may request.

5. The
Treasurer shall:
• collect and receive all monies due or belonging to the organization
• deposit the same in a UMF account as determined through the UMF/GLI Contractual Agreement
• at all times, keep books open to inspection by the Board
• report to the Board upon request, the condition of GLI’s finances and every item of receipt or payment not before reported
• at the annual membership meeting, render an account of all monies received and expended during the previous fiscal year
• at the end of the fiscal year (for the annual meeting), submit to the Secretary a written report stating the condition of GLI’s finances and a summary by categories of receipts, disbursements, assets and liabilities up to the end of the fiscal year
• serve as an ex-officio member of the Administrative and Finance Committee.

6. The
Member-at-Large (Ombudsman) shall represent the interests of all members in all of the meetings of the Executive Board and at the annual meeting.


1. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers, a chairperson from each standing committee, the UMF Liaison person with GLI and the immediate past president.

2. The Executive Board shall
• have general supervision of the affairs of GLI between the business meetings
• establish dues
• set the hour and place of meetings
• make recommendations to the members of GLI
• fill vacancies which occur for the remainder of the year.

3. If a standing committee chairperson is unable to attend an Executive Board meeting, the chairperson may designate a committee member to represent that committee at the meeting. At that particular meeting the designated representative shall have the right to enter the discussion, to make motions and vote, and to be counted in determining the quorum.


1. The Standing Committees shall be
• Administration and Finance
• Curriculum
• Membership and Promotion
• Special Events
• Strategic Planning

2. The President shall be an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

3. The Executive Board shall establish ad hoc committees as needed.


1. The Administration and Finance Committee shall
• review the financial position and assets of GLI
• recommend course fee structures to the Board in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee
• prepare and present financial projections and aspects of special projects to the Board
• study and prepare contracts with other organizations
• study and update revisions of the UMF/GLI contract
• review Bylaws periodically and recommend changes
• develop operational policies as needed.

2. The Curriculum Committee shall
• Plan multi-session courses and activities.
• Supervise the Special Events sub-committee.
• Be responsive to the interests of the membership.
• Present the committee’s recommendations for programs to the Executive Board for comment and approval.
• Provide the Membership Promotion committee with information for use in publicity. (Effective June 5, 2002)

3. The Special Events sub-committee shall
• Plan and arrange educational field trips or other events.
• Plan events that offer opportunities for members to socialize.
• Plan events that offer recognition for volunteer service to GLI.

4. The Membership and Promotion Committee shall:
• Keep a record of those who have paid dues (jointly with the GLI Secretary).
• Seek new members.
• Endeavor to retain non-renewing members.
• Assist other committees in determining interests of members.
• Assist with membership mailings.
• Present the purposes and programs of GLI to the public. (Effective June 5, 2002)

5. The Strategic Plan Committee shall:
• Establish long-range planning for Gold LEAF Institute.
• Guide further growth of the organization.


1. Any member may be a candidate for any office of the GLI.

2. Three (3) months prior to the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall survey members to compile a list of potential candidates for the Executive Board

3. Members may submit their names to the Nominating Committee for inclusion on the ballot.

4. Election shall be by plurality of those present and voting at the annual meeting.


1. The annual meeting shall be held in June, at which time officers shall be elected, and their terms of office shall commence at the start of the new GLI program year, September 1. (Effective March 23, 2005)

2. The Executive Board may call other meetings of the membership, as needed, by a petition signed by 10% of the members of the Executive Board.

3. Special meetings may be called by the membership by a petition of 10% of the membership.

4. A quorum of the Executive Board and of any other board or committee meetings shall be a majority of its members. A quorum of the annual meeting and special meetings shall be 25.

5. The Executive Board shall meet at least quarterly.

1. Dues are payable at anytime and membership expires one year from the date of payment. Effective as of May 24, 2000


1. In case GLI ceases to function, any remaining funds and property shall be transferred to the sponsoring institution (UMF).

1. Two-thirds vote of those present and voting at the annual meeting or any special meeting may amend these bylaws.

2. Notification of any proposed changes must be sent to all members at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting or the special meeting.

1. The rules in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern GLI in all cases to which they are applicable and to which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order GLI may adopt.

Approved on May 17, 1999 at the Annual Meeting Signature: Barbara K. Fredericks, President

Last Dated Edited: June 7, 2007