Some members of the Gold LEAF Institute Senior College - UMF are also members of the Encore Leadership Corps (ENCorps).

For more information about ENCorps, visit their website at

ENCorps is about taking care of all of Maine, from its beautiful natural resources to its cities and towns and the people who live here. ENCorps is designed specifically for Mainers 50 years of age and older, regardless of their background or experience. ENCorps is a program for everyday Maine people who care about the world around them and want to do their small part to make it better.

Why become an ENCorps Volunteer?

Whether you are already working to improve your community or just beginning to find the time to get involved, ENCorps will provide you with new opportunities to give back to your community. You will:
  • Learn valuable skills and techniques to help improve your community through ongoing free workshops, seminars and training
  • Attend a two-day annual Summit that includes training sessions with state and national leaders focused on improving and protecting the quality of life in Maine along with an opportunity to meet others from around the state
  • Be eligible for stipends to fund community volunteer projects
  • Become part of a statewide network of volunteers creating positive change in their communities

ENCorps Qualifications

In order to qualify as an ENCorps volunteer you must be aged 50 or older and:
  • Have a strong interest in community development, community health, and/or environmental stewardship
  • Be willing to volunteer (or are currently a volunteer) for a local planning board, environmental organization, community program, or participate in other opportunities that fit with the goals of the Corps (prior volunteer experience of any type preferred)
  • Be willing to report your volunteer hours monthly
  • Have a strong interest in lifelong learning
  • Be available to attend the annual ENCorps Summit