Gold LEAF Course Evaluation Forms -- For Classroom and Trips

Feedback and comments about Gold LEAF classes, activities and trips are very helpful to the Curriculum Committee as they plan future courses. Comments are also given to the presenters in our thank you letter to them.

Please send your comments to the Gold LEAF office as soon after the end of the class as you can. At this time, we do not have the capability for you to submit comments online; please use one of the following methods:

Email: Copy and paste the appropriate set of questions below into an email message, and insert your comments; or use the questions as a guide and type your comments “free form.” Email to

Mail: Copy and paste the questions to a word processing document and insert your comments; or print out this page and write your comments. Mail to: Gold LEAF Institute - UMF, 186 High Street, Farmington, ME 04938.


Course Title:
Date of Course:

1. What in particular worked well for you?

2. Where do you want to go next with this line of study?

3. Are you interested in leading or co-leading a course? Yes_ No_
If so, what subject?

4. Please add any other thoughts or comments you might have.


Trip Title:
Date of Trip:

1. Did you enjoy your experience? What in particular did you like about it? Would you have preferred anything to be done differently?

2. Was the location (setting) appropriate to the event? Were carpool plans clear and helpful?

3. Was the program description appropriate to the event itself? Were you surprised or disappointed by the program vis-à-vis the description in the program booklet? In what way?

4. Would you attend this event again? Do you have a topic in mind that you could set up for Gold LEAF? A Future trip you would like to plan? We would greatly value your initiative.