Gold LEAF Membership and Renewals

The Gold LEAF Institute Senior College - UMF membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year. Annual dues are payable each June.

Dues are tax deductible as charitable contributions to a qualified educational organization if the member uses the itemized deduction method on a tax return. Gold LEAF's educational function is part of a State-supported university which has IRS section 503(c) exempt status.

To join, either complete a course registration form and pay course fees and membership dues on the same form, or complete the Membership Enrollment form (click on the PDF button, print out the form and complete it by hand -- sorry, but we don't have the capability to fill out the form online):

Special Summer Memberships for "Snowbirds"

A “Summer Only” membership with the Gold LEAF Institute Senior College is available to accommodate those who reside in Maine for only a part of the year. Our “snowbird” friends can enjoy what Gold LEAF has to offer while they are here, without having to pay the full-year membership dues.

The “Summer Only” term is from July 1 through October 16. The membership costs $15 per person, which includes the summer term course booklet and summer newsletter. Nominal registration fees for classes and activities are in addition to the membership dues.

Please contact the Gold LEAF office to take advantage of this type of membership.

NEW MEMBERS: Dues for new members will be prorated according to the term during which a person signs up for classes:

  • Anyone joining and signing up for summer term events: $30 in dues

  • Anyone joining and signing up for fall/winter term events: $20 in dues

  • Anyone joining and signing up for spring term events: $10 in dues.

RENEWALS: As usual, members who have let their membership lapse will pay the full annual fee for the year in which they want to become active again.

Maine Association of Retirees (MAR)

The Maine Association of Retirees (MAR) exists to protect and expand the rights and benefits of Maine retired teachers, state/county/municipal government employees, and to support a fiscally sound retirement system. MAR has 15,000+ members.

One of the benefits MAR offers to its members is reimbursement of senior college costs (up to $25/year) for active participation.