Parking on the UMF Campus for Gold LEAF Members
Members of the Gold LEAF Institute Senior College are allowed to park, with a permit, on the University of Maine Farmington campus in commuter parking lots (designated by a yellow circle). Please note that UMF students are required to pay a fee each year to obtain a parking permit; HOWEVER, UMF has graciously waived that fee for Gold LEAF members.

Parking Tags
The parking tags are available through Gold LEAF and do not expire.
Pick up a parking permit application form from the Gold LEAF office, fill it out and return it.

You will receive a booklet describing the lots in which the tags can be used (usually yellow dot lots).
Display your tag by hanging it from the center of your rear view mirror in the middle of your front windshield.

Commuter parking lots are as follows:
Refer to the campus map at
P11 – Roberts Learning Center, Main Street
P12 – Health & Fitness Center
P15 – High Street, next to the Olsen Student Center

  • Complete the UMF parking permit application form (pick one up from the Gold LEAF office) and return it to the Gold LEAF office. Gold LEAF members do not need to fill in birth date or social security number. Your permit will be mailed to you from the GLI office.

  • The UMF Department of Public Safety is diligent about checking permits and will issue tickets to anyone parked in the wrong lot or without a permit.

For people with an Accessibility sticker with a wheelchair on it, there are five places in the High Street lot, from which a ramp leads up to the Student Union building. There is one such place along South Street, and a few in the lot along Main Street that leads up to Ricker Addition.

Parking Off Campus: Parking spaces are often available along Main Street, and in the public parking lot behind the Post Office (two- or three-hour limits apply).Carpooling is always a good option. Passengers may be left off near the classroom and only the driver has to find a parking spot.

Tips: Marked signs at the entrance to each parking lot indicate the specific color of the parking decal that is necessary to park in each particular lot. A yellow decal indicates commuter parking in Lots 11, 12 and 15. Fines for parking in the wrong lot, or for not displaying a valid parking permit, range from $10.00 to $25.00. Be careful where you park! Display your permit before leaving the car. Read the Parking Policies brochure that can be picked up at the UMF Department of Public Safety, if you don't already have one. The Department of Public Safety is located at 112 Maguire Street.