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Winners of the Gold LEAF Photo Contest

Sixteen entries for the Gold LEAF photo contest faced final scrutiny at the October 2014 Fall/Winter term kick-off event. Judgement was levied by attendees who viewed all of the entries and cast ballots for their favorite.

The "gold leaves"of the birch trees was submitted by Susan Wahlstrom and received the most votes. Coming in as the second choice was the photo of Gold LEAF hikers taken by Michael Field up on Wing's field, at the start of the Pico Mountain hike.

Both winners received credit for one year's membership dues. Congratulations to our Gold LEAF winners and thanks to all the photographers who submitted entries.

Gold Leaves by Susan Wahlstrom_small.JPG
Gold Leaves by Susan Wahlstrom

Gold LEAF Hikers by Michael Field.jpg
Gold LEAF hikers by Michael Field

external image GLI2010.jpg
GLI 2010
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