Gold LEAF Institute Senior CollegePOLICIESLast Update: 5/20/16

Curriculum Policies

1. Presenters for Gold LEAF Institute are not paid. They are given a coupon for a free class, excluding ticketed events.

2. Course fees are collected to cover the costs of conducting the learning sessions, such as copy work, film, overhead transparencies, handouts, etc.
a. All trips will include a $6.00 fee
b. All course/activities fees are capped at $20
c. Course fees will be based on the number of sessions
d. The fee for a one-session course/activity will be $6.00
e. There will be a charge of $2 for each additional session (e.g., two sessions = $8.00, three sessions = $10)
f. Classes that include a classroom session and a field trip on the same day will cost $8
g. The cost of the Summer Social will be $6.00
h. If a course is open to the public, but sponsored by GLI (e.g., library technical help), the course will be offered free of charge.
i. Ticketed trips to performances will include a $6.00 fee
j. All non-ticketed trips, even those which span most of the day, will cost $6.00
k. Trip fees will always include the $6.00 base fee, but may include the cost of any admission charge
l. Some courses may include an additional fee for materials.

3. The program year consists of three terms: Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter.

4. Our GLI Educational Mission Statement is as follows: GLI courses will be academically sound and intellectually stimulating, taught or facilitated most often by GLI members who are eager to share their interests, talents and skills with their peers. All courses will be short-term and self-contained, requiring no former knowledge of the subject, no tests, credits or other causes for anxiety – just personal enrichments and maintenance of mental vitality for the participants.

5. Membership is required for registration and participation in any Gold LEAF program offering, with the exception of course presenters' coupons or holders of guest coupons.

6. There should be at least one free course per session, which does not impact GLI financially and/or provides social interaction with members.

7. Registration for course offerings begins as soon as the member receives the information.

8. All registrations are made on a first-come, first-served basis when payment is included.

9. Registrations are taken by mail, in person at the GLI office or at the open house/kickoff event. No phone reservations.

10. The member will receive a confirmation of course registration.

11. Photo Policy: Any members who do not wish to have their photo taken and then possibly posted or printed should speak with the class coordinator before the activity begins. The class coordinator will then announce it to the group and all those with cameras will be asked to comply.

12. Pets policy: Due to safety and liability issues, no pets are allowed at GLI events. Exceptions may be made for service animals, upon request.

Refund Policies

1. Refunds will be made for GLI events, if notification is received 7 days prior to the event with the exception of tickets paid for in advance. Due to the difficulties involved in getting checks made out by UMF without recipient being certified as a vendor, the current policy is to issue credit slips which can be used for upcoming class registration costs.

2. If the Gold LEAF office fully cancels a scheduled course or event at any time prior to its listed date and offers no replacement then the registered members will be reimbursed by credit slip for the fees paid.

Administrative Policies

1. The fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.

2. The logo, as seen in the letterhead, is our official symbol.

3. A membership card will be issued yearly.

4. All members must have a signed Release and Assumption of Risk form on file before participating in any Gold LEAF activity.

5. The annual GLI Financial Report will be published as part of the newsletter to the members after the close of the GLI fiscal year.

6. Membership dues are $30 per year for July 1 through June 30. New members may join at any time, with the annual fee pro-rated. After that, membership renewals of $30 are due every year by June 30.

7. A summer-only membership is available for $15 and runs from July 1 through October 15 of each year.

8. No individual or organization may use the Gold LEAF name or logo without permission of the Executive Board.

9. The second vice-president will chair the nominating committee.

10. Presentations to the Gold LEAF membership are restricted to Gold LEAF and University-related topics only.

Financial Authorization

1. The GLI president or treasurer are authorized by the GLI Board to sign for expenditures approved in the annual budget, and the office consultant is approved to sign for expenditures up to $150.

2. UMF Merrill Center keeps a record of the authorized signatures for Gold LEAF on a document called the “Financial Transaction Authorization” form. In order to keep this form up to date, the members who will be authorizing expenditures will sign a new form as required by UMF.

Surplus Money Policy

1. Any surplus money at the end of the fiscal year will be carried forward for potential use in the budget of the next year.

2. The use of any surplus money will be directed by the GLI Administration and Finance Committee based on budget requests submitted by April 1st from the GLI Board of Directors and/or Standing Committees.


1. It is suggested that passengers on carpool trips share the cost of fuel.