Volunteer Opportunities

Gold LEAF offers its members ample opportunity for leadership as an officer, or as a committee member on one of the standing committees (Curriculum, Membership & Promotion, Administration & Finance, Special Events and Strategic Planning) -- just for the asking!

Volunteers are also often needed to:
(1) help the office manager with one-time activities (such as stuffing envelopes for mailing the course booklet or newsletter), or recurring tasks (such as checking the mail and phone messages during vacation times);
(2) contact potential presenters for classes;
(3) be a course coordinator during one of the classes;
(4) organize a social event;
(5) help set up for one of the three open house events each year;
(6) staff the Gold LEAF booth at a craft fair;
(7) contribute articles and/or photos to newspapers on Gold LEAF activities.

New ideas are always welcomed and anyone with energy and initiative to apply to Gold LEAF is appreciated!

Please call the office at 778-7063, or send an email to goldleaf@maine.edu, and let us know how you would like to help.